Shipping to Israel

Shipping to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv or even Eilat? There's not a big difference. Israel is a relatively small country, just slightly bigger than New Jersey.

Shipping to Israel from USA

The USPS Postal Service is probably your first go to place. It's also smart to check out other shipping companies such as DHL, FedEx and UPS.

Shipping to Israel: cost

From the US Israel is overseas so it's definitely going to be more expensive than shipping inside the country or even on the continent. Also from Europe shipping to Israel is more expensive than shipping inside the EU.

Israeli Customs

In 2013 JPost published an interesting article about the arbitrariness of Israeli customs. If you're shipping to Israel it's good to read up a bit more about ways to make sure your stuff actually reaches its destination without hefty fees levied by authorities.

Shipping cars to Israel

Shipping cars to Israel: how to do it and how much does it cost? Are you making Aliyah? Shipping a car to Israel is often essential, especially when you are making Aliyah. Thus it's good to be aware of the legal regulation surrounding importing cars into Israel without immediately resorting to an Israeli lawyer. This article describes laws related to car shipping to Israel in a clear way.

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