Shipping cars to Israel

Shipping cars to Israel: how to do it and how much does it cost? Are you making Aliyah? Shipping a car to Israel is often essential, especially when you are making Aliyah. Thus it's good to be aware of the legal regulation surrounding importing cars into Israel without immediately resorting to an Israeli lawyer. This article describes laws related to car shipping to Israel in a clear way.

Shipping car to Israel from the US: best quotes

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Shipping a car to Israel

Are you an Israeli Citizen?

If you are an Israeli citizen you're be required to provide some details to the government for car shipping to Israel. These details include the year of purchase of the vehicle and the citizenship details of the owner of the vehicle and for how long the owner has been a resident of Israel if he ever was? Citizenship has a special connection to the shipping process bound for Israel: if you have obtained Israeli citizenship then, you can import your car within three years of attaining citizenship. It's different for Israeli citizens, who can import cars up to two years old. Returning citizens of Israel can import cars up to four years old. Not to mention the fact that all documents should be verifiable and genuine for processing the import.

International Car Shipping to Israel

In case of international car shipping to Israel, the shipper is required to produce, firstly, the personal import license issued by the Ministry of Transportation in Israel. Afterwards, a driver’'s license issued in Israel, invoice of the purchase of the vehicle and citizenship documents are also required. Moreover you are required to show documentary evidence that the vehicle being imported meets all the safety standards of the country and the documents should possess a clear title on them. You should also know that you're required to pay Value Added Tax (VAT) on your import regardless of the size, age or engine of the car. In June 2013 this was raised to 18%.

Shipping a car to Tel Aviv

Finally, you should know that car shipping to Israel can be carried out by many companies in a way that you opt for. Mostly, people undertaking Aliyah ship cars in the container with other goods they are importing. However, some people, especially those importing expensive cars, prefer shipping their car in a separate container. Many companies worldwide offer car shipping services to Israel. However, you should know that laws in this part of the world are quite strict given the security concerns and any failure on your part to produce the required documents upon shipping to Israel can lead to denial of the shipment’s handing over to you.