Moving to Israel

Israel has proven not just to be a beautiful destination but a wonderful experience for many people. The reasons for moving to the country have been various but one thing remains common, everyone seems to call it home. Wonderful landscapes and beautiful country land prove to make an enjoyable move to the country.

Israel may not be the largest country in terms of land but it still offers a great variety of climate. While the capital, Jerusalem, can be considered to be on the colder side, Israel’s coastal cities offer the summer heat that is perfect for the beaches. Scorching heat can be witnessed for people living in the south of Israel with limited amount of rain.

Moving to Israel: the economy

While moving to a different country the economy of the host should also be taken into consideration. This is slightly confusing in the case of Israel because the convoluted situation present. However, this is not a reason to be discouraged because Israel is a developed country and has a great number of start-up companies thus allowing for great opportunities for employment.

Israel is also a member of the OECD, whose membership is only awarded to countries that show a pattern of stability within the country. Nevertheless, caution must be taken when looking at the job market as well due to poverty rates standing at 20%. This must be taken into consideration when moving to Israel.

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What to Consider before Moving

Israel is a country in Western Asia with an advanced and industrialized economy which attracts many of the people from across the globe. Living in Israel however has its own advantages and disadvantages. You shall find some key elements that are most likely to affect you after you start living in Israel. Read more.

Language barriers for example will cause a hindrance for newcomers. The main two languages spoken in Israel are Arabic and Hebrew. Though English is not uncommon, it is still only spoken by a minority of the locals. The importance of Hebrew should be understood from both a religious and cultural background of the country.

Israel has proved to be a livable country considering its current circumstances and travelers should avail the opportunity to visit the stunning landscape and its people.


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