Israel Tour Guide

Travelling in Israel can be fun. It can also be tiring and if you're bound to miss important sites and information. Unless you go with a tour guide of course.

How to pick a tour guide?

If you have decided upon going with a tour guide you still need to find a good one. It's a very personal job, so you have to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do I want to do and see in Israel?
  • How many days do I spend with a tour guide?
  • Does the guide also need to drive us around?
  • Which languages does the tour guide need to speak? Most guides will speak Hebrew well and some English. You might want a native English speaker, or another language, depending on your group's language capabilities.

Tour guide costs

You can have your private guide for around 100$ per day per person. For this you will get an officially approved tour guide.

For an English speaking Israel tour guide you can find more information at
If you're looking for a Dutch speaking tour guide you should check this website.

Planning to become a tour guide in Israel?

If you're considering finding a job as a tour guide you should follow a special course for tour guides, it's a good idea to go to one if you're immigrating to Israel. It will take some time but afterwards you'll be a certified tour guide and you'll know a lot about most tourist hot spots in Israel.

If you're merely a tourist it's good to go with a certified tour guide.