How to Move to Israel if You are not a Jew

Are you amongst many of the people who would like to immigrate to Israel but have no idea on how to move to Israel if they are not a Jew? If you are, feel relieved as this article is going to be of lot of help to you in this respect.

Before you make yourself obsessed with how to move to Israel, most people knowing the Jewish state shall recommend that you should visit the country. Visiting Israel is essential for a number of reasons. Israel is a country with an overwhelming Jewish population and you shall find a mixture of Hebrew and Arabic speaking people in the country. Many people may get infatuated with the land of milk and honey in the beginning however settling in a country where Hebrew matters a lot shall not prove to be a cakewalk.

Check your passport

Luckily, you are not required a visitor visa for visiting Israel if you are a citizen of the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, or some other state in the EU. You only must have a valid passport of any such country for which Israel has waived its visa for travelling to Israel. However, most of the countries eligible for Israel visitor visa waiver are not eligible for the business visa waiver.

In case you have decided to move to Israel in the wake of your recent stay here, this is not the end of the road. In fact, many non-Jews looking for ways on how to move to Israel often end up dejected. The reason for this happens to be the tight immigration policy for the government there for people with non-Jewish background. The government of Israel wants to maintain the demographic dominance of Jews in the country and keeps giving incentives to Jews all over the world for immigrating to the country.

The case is very much otherwise for the non-Jews. You shall need to apply for business immigration if you are really keen to moving into the ‘promised land’ for those who escaped from the horrors of Holocaust. Getting a job here is another way to answer your question on how to move to Israel. However, you shall be required to spend many years working in the country before you can become eligible for settling here permanently. Even after you become eligible, the laws of immigration are not as lax as in Canada or US.

Therefore, if you do not have a Jewish ancestry and are firm on your decision of settling here, you should know that there are not many answers available to you for your question of how to move to Israel. Though there can be possibilities in form of job or business stay but these are tough and limited.

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