Christian tours to Israel

Also in 2014 Christian tours to Israel are extremely popular. From the United States, Holland, the UK, but also from Uganda and South Africa.
We expect this will be similar in 2015.

Biblical Israel tours

It's essential to visit Jerusalem.

Israel Tour Guide?

When looking for a tour guide it's important to go with a certified guide. You also want someone who speaks your language, which is more than just speaking English. Most Israelis don't have much affinity with religious Christians and it's good checking out if the guide you envision has (successfully) guided Christian groups or individuals before. Ayalla Zion is originally from the Netherlands and has over 30 years experience as an Israel Tour Guide, mostly with guiding Christians in the holy land. She's very knowledgeable about both ancient and modern history, archaeology, geography, security and hiking. She can take you to the most beautiful and impressive churches Jerusalem as well as on hikes.

Israel tour packages

It's a good idea to arrange a rental car and hotel rooms ahead, especially if you want to stay in Israel's best hotels.