Best Hotels in Israel

Though you shall find countless places seeking to host you in the Jewish homeland, finding the best hotels in Israel can yet be quite difficult if you do not have a beforehand idea. The following are the reviews of some of the best hotels in Israel.

1. King David Hotel:

King David, in Jerusalem, is one of the best hotels in Israel. The hotel is known for being frequented by presidents, prime ministers, foreign diplomats, dignitaries and other VIP’s. Named after King David-once a monarch of Jerusalem; the hotel has been set up in a building constructed in 1920’s. To keep it simple and straight, the hotel is flawless and befitting to host the world leaders. The cost of stay at this high-end place is also understandably high as it shall charge you around $400 per night.

2. Mamilla Hotel:

Designed by one of the famous most designers of the world, Pierro Liconi, Mamilla Hotel is located beyond Mamilla Mall-a place frequented by the shoppers and entertainment-seekers. The service of the hotel is excellent and no less than that of other 5 star hotels in the world. Mamilla Hotel also happens to be the nearest hotel to the Old City. Being one of the best hotels in Israel and its proximity to the Old City and Mamilla Mall make it one of the most sought-after hotels in the Israel. The costs of staying here vary from $300-400 per night.

3. David Citadel Hotel:

David Citadel is another of the best hotels in Israel. The hotel has a splendid structure which mesmerizes anyone seeing it from outside. The five star hotel ensconced in this stately building costs $350-450 per night. Also close to the Old City and having classy swimming pools, David Citadel however lacks the high quality internet as the speed of internet in it is not really good enough if you are used to the broadband Wi-Fi connections of other five star abodes.

4. Dan Botique:

If you are not looking for a very expensive place but yet looking for some place that comes in the best hotels in Israel, I prefer Dan Botique-the reason for this being the classy furniture and its outstanding services. If a good calm place of living, with tanning beds and a pampering gym and close to the Old City is what you want then, Dan Botique is the place for you. The cost is also very reasonable as it charges just $170-230 per night despite giving services that may be less than those offered by the best hotels in Israel but no less qualitative.