Aliyah to Israel

Shipping cars to Israel

Shipping cars to Israel: how to do it and how much does it cost? Are you making Aliyah? Shipping a car to Israel is often essential, especially when you are making Aliyah. Thus it's good to be aware of the legal regulation surrounding importing cars into Israel without immediately resorting to an Israeli lawyer. This article describes laws related to car shipping to Israel in a clear way.

Christians Moving to Israel

A reasonable number of Christians think of moving to Israel, each year. These Christians moving to Israel have various concerns in their minds regarding how their Christian status would be accepted in the Jewish state. We shall deal with two most prominent of these concerns in this article.

Aliyah to Israel

Aliyah is one of the most notable Jewish traditions. The word comes from a Hebrew verb meaning “to ascend” or “going up”. In context, it means the immigration of Jews, from various parts of the world, to the Land of Israel. One who performs this exercise is known as “Oleh” (in case of male) and “Olah” (in case of female). The plural form for those undergoing Aliyah is “Olim” for both males and females. If you are contemplating to undertake this journey, following text may prove to be of great help.

How to Find Jobs in Israel

Finding jobs in Israel can be quite different from that in other parts of the world, especially US, UK and Canada. In fact, many new settlers find it considerably difficult to secure a job as they are not familiar with the employment process in Israel. The following are some of the ways you can use to find jobs in Israel.

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