Reasons to Immigrate to Israel

The state of Israel claims once and again it would like to see all jews immigrating to Israel. Israel is defined as a national Jewish state. It has a majority of jews from different origins. As such it presents major advantages for jews wanting to immigrate there.

Terror threat

After divers attacks in recent years on jewish targets in Europe, Israeli government is claiming that Israel is still the true home for jews everywhere. The Israeli government is often making a public claim calling all jews to come to the home land. Even though motives behind this call are often more political than humanitarian, it is still a major benefit for people who wish to immigrate to Israel and has jewish ancestors.

Aliyah from Belgium and France

In recent years it is prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu who once and again issues fear implementing statements calling for European jews to immigrate, saying Israel will receive them with open arms and is prepared for large amount of people to arrive. Mainly from France and Belgium but also The Netherlands and the Ukraine.

Is Israel really safer for Jews?

The Israeli government has a plan to accommodate all jewish immigrants in order to help them escape the threat and fear of terrorism of muslim extremists. One might feel more legitimate with it's Jewish identity in Israel but it still remains questionable whether the terror threat is not in fact bigger in Israel itself. (See e.g. this newspaper article (in Dutch)).

Why Immigrate to Israel?

If you choose to Immigrate to Israel out of fear you might want to reconsider.
There are many positive reasons to move to Israel.