Moving to Israel with no money

Moving to Israel with no money is only really possibly if you're Jewish. In this case you can make Aliyah and the Israeli government is likely to help you with air fare, settling down in Israel. You're also immediately able to work in the country, and you're provided with courses in Hebrew at the Ulpan.

If you are not Jewish things look slightly different. It's possible to get into Israel on a one-way ticket but be prepared to answer difficult questions when flying in. Unfortunately overland travel has become increasingly hard since the Arab spring of 2010. Civil wars in Syria and Libya have turned hitchhiking to Israel into an insane journey that no one without a death wish should really try. Let alone without money.

If you found a place to live you can go to flea markets to acquire some basic stuff. There's one in Jaffo, where towards the end of the day you can pick up a lot of things for free, clothes, kitchen utensils and more.