Americans Moving to Israel and the Reasons behind the Relocation

A number of Americans moving to Israel can be witnessed each year. In fact, the number has been seeing a steady increase for decades. The stats show that almost 4,000 people from North America moved to Israel in 2009 alone. The reasons for such huge dislocation are many.

Love for Israel

Israel is the most revered country for all the Jews in the world, save some very ultra-modern ones. Jews from all over the world feel a special bond of love between them and Israel. The same is the case with Jews in America. Most Americans moving to Israel are, quite understandably, Jews. Most of them relocate to the new country after making Aliyah - the promised journey to the land of Israel. However, the stats show an even more interesting trend.

The number of Americans moving to Israel swelled after the Israel-Hezbollah war. When enquired from one of those relocating, we were told that he felt that the land of Israel is under threat and he needs to do maximum to protect it as he felt that the small number of Jews in that country need more of their community members to put up a robust defiance to the attackers.

Family Reunions

Family reunion is also one of the major reasons for Americans moving to Israel which compels them to undertake the journey. In fact, a large number of Jews in US and Canada have relatives in the Jewish heartland- those not having their direct relatives have the relatives of their spouses in this country. More notable is the fact that many of the Americans moving to Israel undertake this relocation because they want their child to be raised up in a Jewish atmosphere where he is taught his own religious values while being surrounded by people of his own religion.


Economic reasons, though to a lesser extent, but also play a part in the relocation of some Jews from US and Canada to this small country. Though, it can hardly be argued that the economy of Israel is as strong as that of North American countries, it shows bright prospects to the few lower class Jews there. Many Jews doing menial jobs in Canada or United States find much better pay and standard of living in Israel, especially after having made Aliyah as the salary of an Oleh/Olah is subsidized by the government. Hence, economic prosperity is also one of the reasons for the substantial number of Americans moving to Israel.